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Executive Life Coaching for the Professional

Betsy Spomer, MD, CPCC

Coaching with Betsy

I would like to offer my warmest welcome to Soul Honey. I'm delighted that you are here!

Here at Soul Honey Coaching, we champion the changemaker.

What kind of change is in the air for you? Has your love for your work changed? Have life circumstances shifted?  Are your hopes and dreams a moving target? Are you simply certain that something must change, but you can't quite put your finger on it? At Soul Honey, we get it. Change happens. Change can be hard. Change can be good. Change can be brilliant!  Meaningful change is worth the effort!

Whether you are a highly trained professional seeking to live and work in a way that is a more genuine reflection of who you are, or you are seeking better work-life balance and joy, you can achieve it.  I've been in your shoes and I want to encourage you that it is absolutely possible for you to create the full, rich and satisfying life that you want. It is my deepest desire to support you and celebrate you as you do just that!

 Coaching can be the perfect tool to assist you as you pursue this meaningful work. Your coach will provide a safe and supportive place to discuss your challenges, a sounding board for your ideas and dreams, and a personal champion who will support, encourage, and assist as needed with accountability along the journey. Through the coaching process you will get to know yourself in a deep and profound way, you will identify who you want to be in this world, and you will go about the noble business of doing that which is in the greatest alignment with who you are. 

Are you ready to breathe some vitality into your life, both personally and professionally? Is it finally time to look at your circumstances with fresh eyes?  If so, I would encourage you to consider adding your own personal champion, partner, and guide. Invest in an executive life coach and  CONTACT me right now.  Let's see if what I offer is the right fit for you.   I would love to visit with you about the tools and resources that are available to you through Soul Honey Coaching.  I want to encourage you to take that first step and reach out today. 

Contact me via phone (307.254.0796) right now, or email (betsy@soulhoneycoaching.com) with questions or to set up your complimentary coaching session. You can also follow me on Facebook and Instagram @soulhoneycoaching. I can't wait to meet you!

"The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience." 

- Eleanor Roosevelt







Betsy Spomer Executive Life Coach
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"I was feeling burned out from a surge of COVID patients. I'd spent my whole life training to be a doctor, and suddenly I was feeling trapped  in my career. Betsy did an amazing job helping me see all the different paths forward I could take. She helped me identify my goals and my priorities, and navigate challenges associated with a job change. She is empathetic, kind, thoughtful, and wise. Her wealth of knowledge about the practice of medicine enables her to provide tailor-made advice to physicians and other health practitioners on how to design the career they want. Highly recommended!

Ben, Physician

Betsy's wise coaching brought me to a place of clarity giving me a "Heck, yes!" reason to carry on in a work I consider a calling and had loved for years but had recently began to wonder if I was walking the right path. I loved the time we spent together in counsel, but she also gave me much to think about and grow between meetings. I gained clarity in accepting the truth of my impact, clarity in purpose in making my best life. Ultimately I found my life was a series of many paths varying in importance daily and seasonally and that is okay. I learned to trust moving forward and especially to trust myself. Thank you, Betsy, for bringing beauty to life for myself and others!


When we began our coaching sessions, I was burned out. I had lost my passion for my work and longed to rediscover the energy and joy I had earlier in my career.  Betsy made it easy to be transparent and vulnerable, to say aloud the words I had in my heart, and to help me uncover my truth and path forward. This isn’t therapy exactly, but it is therapeutic. I highly recommend Soul Honey Coaching.



Life Coach and Physician

Betsy is a Life and Career Coach, a Family Physician with over 15 years of clinical practice, a wife of over 20 years to her high school sweetheart, and a mother of two lovely daughters.

After many years as a busy physician, wife and mother, Betsy began to feel the impact of her struggle to create balance in her life. Trying to “do it all” resulted in less than optimal health, mood, and overall effectiveness at work and at home. She found herself in pure survival mode, and she wanted more.

In her quest to recapture her joy, Betsy ultimately elected to take a break from her clinical practice of medicine. She now finds herself in what she calls her "sweet spot"- perfectly positioned to fulfill her life purpose in service to others as both a physician and an executive life coach.

Betsy trained with the Coaches Training Institute and she is a certified professional Co-Active Coach. Through coaching, she has the pleasure of working with individuals who have a deep desire to contribute to this world in powerful and meaningful ways, both at home and in the workplace.

Betsy loves working with changemakers- genuine people making meaningful change in service of good in their lives and in the world at large. 

Betsy Spomer Executive Life Coach


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