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"Working with Betsy has allowed me to identify various area in my life that I want to improve. I have been able to work through some blocks in my life that have kept me "stuck". I've started to trust my intuition and not get stuck in my head. For someone not sure about coaching with Betsy I would encourage them to be open to the possibility, to allow for positive change into your life."

" All of our sessions were by phone, which I was hesitant about at first, but Betsy made me feel completely comfortable and at ease. Her calm thoughtful questions made me identify and rethink many of the automatic assumptions I have made throughout my life that are no longer serving me. Of the most value to me is, that after coaching, I am more focused on what I really want the purpose of my life to be."

"Betsy offers a valuable service for those who feel trapped in circumstances outside their control. Her insight and ability to meet people where they are at lays a groundwork for success. Coaching has helped me cope in spite of my circumstances. I have learned ways of peace in chaos. I now realize that I have more power & ability to face challenge."

Countryside Road
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