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It's Time For New Shoes

It's that time of year again...back to school!!

The summer just flew by, didn't it?! We see the kids heading off to school with fresh new looks- backpacks, tennis shoes, & haircuts. The kids are READY for the challenge. The question is- ARE YOU?!

If you are a parent, you have been instrumental in preparing your kids for the new school year- you are invested in them & you want to set them up for success. You know from experience the importance of preparation- body, mind, spirit, & shoes!

Now that the kids are heading to school, I want to invite you to take a look at how you are preparing YOURSELF for the year ahead. How have you set yourself up for success- mind, body, spirit?

Make it your intention to prepare yourself for what lies ahead. Consider these questions:

1. What are my top priorities this year?

2. How do my personal values align with my plan for the year?

3. What is the WHY behind what I plan to do this year?

4. How do I want to show up? Energetic? Passionate? Curious?

You know how important preparation is, and with your years of personal experience and wisdom, you have within you precisely what it takes to set yourself up for success. So, I challenge you to take time this week to invest in yourself and prepare yourself for the challenges, joys, and opportunities that lie ahead.

And, of course, get some new shoes!

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