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You've Got to Move It, Move It

It’s a fresh and shiny New Year, and a natural time for you to be thinking about “what’s next?”, “where am I headed?”, “what do I want?”, and “how am I going to get it?” This is the time of year that we often see as an invitation to let go of the old and start anew with healthier habits, new goals and resolutions.

One common place we see this phenomenon play out is at the gym. Every January we see more and more people committing to their health goals and putting them into action by hitting the gym for workouts. Odds are good that you too have committed to creating better health for yourself this year.

Whether you have a well-established exercise routine or you are recommitting to personal fitness in 2022, I would like to offer a suggestion for you to further leverage the time you spend working out. This year, you can capitalize on our commitment to fitness by mentally connecting your physical movement to all the other areas of your life in which you want to move the needle.

For example, let’s say that you have committed to working out three days a week and you also have a goal of learning conversational French and spending the winter holiday in Paris next year. The strategy is to add an intention to your workout that will inspire you to keep the movement or momentum going in a meaningful direction, well beyond your time at the gym. What this might look like is before you hit the trail, treadmill, bike, or weights, you will mentally commit to an intention, such as, “I am building my endurance and focus so that I will have the mental focus and endurance to practice my French every day for the next year”.

The idea here is that you can ride the wave of inspiration for physical health and allow it to move you in any number of other meaningful ways in our life. When you do this, not only will you find yourself getting more movement, but you will also notice how this physical momentum can move you toward other meaningful action in your life.

So, after the planning, resolution making, and strategizing for all that you want to experience, create, and achieve in 2022, I encourage you to get moving and put your plan into motion. It might surprise you that the first step toward all your goals this year may start with the simple act of tying the laces on your tennis shoes.

“Movement in your body, creates movement in your life.”

-Erin Stutland (author, coach, fitness expert)


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