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Pickle Whimsy

I don’t love pickleball…yet. I’m just learning the sport and I’ll be the first to admit that I am a terrible novice. I really don’t relish being new at things. Being a beginner is frustrating to me. I much prefer to be the experienced one rather than the flailing newbie. That being said, I  actually think pickleball may be the lifetime sport I’ve been looking for- one I can play year-round and well into my golden years. I suspect that once I’m a little more practiced up I will start to enjoy it more. Stay tuned.

You know what I do love about pickleball, though? The name- Pickleball. What a great name for a sport! It’s fun, it’s kind of silly, and it’s definitely got the fun factor. The name itself just invites a good time. I thought about looking up the origin of the name, but I decided against it. I’m quite enjoying just imagining the different scenarios in which the name Pickleball may have come about. Maybe it was a company BBQ & tennis tournament and by the end of the night, the tennis balls smelled a lot like pickles. Or, maybe it was two preteen boys desperate for something to do at grandma’s cabin. The only sporting equipment they could find was a wiffle ball and two ping pong paddles. When they asked grandma for advice, her response was, “Sounds like you boys are in a real pickle. Why don’t you make up a new game?”  

When I think about Pickleball from this perspective it makes me smile. It’s not so much about the game itself, but rather the joy I am having imagining how it came to be. I’m embracing my inner child, tapping my creativity, and enjoying the benefits of playfulness. I find that adding a bit of whimsy to life, whether it’s at work or play, seems to brighten my mood and improve my days. This makes sense, as playfulness has been found to be an essential part of life. It reduces stress, increases creativity, improves relationships, and enhances cognitive function. It even boosts physical health. When we engage in playful activities such as dancing, hiking in nature, or pickleball, we stay active and healthy.  

So go have some fun! Explore the playful side of life. We need more whimsy in our lives.


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